Rewrite Love


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Christina Vondell

I owned a multi-service business for twenty-six years. I’ve been married and divorced twice. My second divorce was the catalyst that prompted me to make major life changes. I studied various healing arts and metaphysical concepts. I came from a predominantly conservative background so my skepticism was high concerning these areas of study. After many personal experiences in these fascinating and compelling fields my disbelief vanished. The transformational experiences, conversations and stories became the book, Rewrite Love, Stories of an Inspired Life. Revealed is an insider’s look behind the scenes of different healing arts and metaphysical subjects. With humor and insightfulness I show my relationships with my children, friends, clients, and romantic interests, and how I learned to rewrite love over life's disappointments, heartbreaks, and setbacks and transformed them into positive experiences.

I empower others to find their passion, inter truth and knowledge so they can reclaim their authentic self. 


The Book and Wisdom Cards

Rewrite Love is a collection of insightful and humorous stories. Practical tools and solutions for positive relationships, personal empowerment and reclaiming ones authentic self. 

Wisdom Cards: The cards are designed to bring insights, clarity and direction to your life.  Once they are available there will be 62 cards and a booklet included.  


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