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Rewrite Love, Storied of an Inspired Life by Christina Vondell

Rewrite Love, Stories of an Inspired Life

 Amazon #1 Best Seller

Rewrite Love, Stories of an Inspired Life is part autobiography, part self-help. It begins with Christina going though her second divorce which becomes the catalyst that sets her on a  very different and intriguing path. The book takes the reader on a compelling look behind the scenes as she explores  various healing arts and metaphysical concepts. Christina’s experiences and adventures come alive through vivid conversations and fascinating stories. Some stories are light and humorous while others are mystifying and gripping. Touches of poetry are splashed throughout bringing color and depth. Using wit and wisdom one is shown how to unlock their own inner truth and hidden knowledge. With frankness the good and the bad are revealed about her relationships between her children, friends, clients and suitors, but most strikingly, with herself.                

One can only wonder about our own potential for personal growth and transformation when taking a journey though the heart on unfettered wings of the human spirit as Christina has. You may find pieces of yourself in her story and be inspired to rewrite love across the pages of your heart too.    

Where Can I Buy the Book?

The BUY HERE link on this page takes you to Amazon.

How Much Does it Cost?

The book sells on Amazon for $12.99 + shipping and handling.

Does it Come in Any Other Formats?

Yes. You can buy it as a Kindle addition for $2.99.

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Wisdom Cards


Wisdom Cards

 Rewrite Love’s Wisdom Cards are designed to bring clarity, direction and inspiration to your life.

  • Chose a daily guidance card to start your day, or select from different layouts. 
  • Get insights and guidance on your relationships, health, career, love, creative endeavors, or any subject of your choosing. 
  • There are a variety of card layouts to choose from starting  with a daily guidance card, or select one of the more, in-depth, comprehensive layouts.  In the longer layouts, see what your challenges are, get solutions to those challenges, and find out the potential outcome to  that particular situation or problem. 
  • There will be 62 cards and a booklet is included. The booklet provides information on how to best use the cards, and get the highest potential from your deck.
  • Rewrite Love’s Wisdom Cards combine nicely with other oracle card decks.    

Where Can I Buy the Wisdom Cards?

The Wisdom Cards will only be available through the website.

When Will the Wisdom Cards be Available?

Not sure at this time when the cards will be available.

How Much Will They Cost?

 There is no price at this time but they will be available for a donation.

Why Are There Pictures of the Cards on the Website?

There were a few Wisdom Card decks printed that were used for demonstration purposes only, and not for sale.


Right Direction, Acknowledgement, Breathe



  These cards will help you to know the direction you are going in, and to give credit where credit is due, and  to remember to breathe when under stress.   

Rise Above Difficulties, Wisdom, Compassion



These cards remind you to be optimistic and to know that you need nothing outside yourself to feel whole, and to show kindness and compassion.  

Everything is Fine, Self-Esteem, Power



 These cards will bring comfort, remind you  to be your authentic self, and to reclaim your power.   

Reviews & Favorite Card

Wisdom Card Review


Wisdom Card Review



Wisdom Card Review


Favorite Card


Release, Review, Renew: I like this card. I need to release the stress and concerns that go on from day to day in my life.                   Tracy Cordova

Favorite Card


Rewrite Love: This card reminds me to write love over the negative events in my life. I always want to see the glass half full, rather then half empty.   Mary Taylor

Favorite Card


Openness: This is one of my favorite 

cards. I've seen positive results when I  stay open to opportunities and possibilities!                                Jeff Miller

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